Training Programs in Springfield, Massachusetts

Count on Sheet Metal Workers Local 63, of Springfield, Massachusetts, to sustain partnerships and provide certified apprenticeship training programs.

Diverse Partnerships

Our partners in the sheet metal industry include 31 signatory contractors. View the contractors tab for a complete list. As diverse as the market itself, our partnerships span the sheet metal industry and provide competitive contractual arrangements to accommodate the needs and sustainability of our partners, members, and the local industry.

Our cooperative efforts include labor management, organizing, and state-certified apprenticeship training programs. Our contractors and members have dedicated their time, talent, and resources for the purpose of providing quality craftsmanship at a fair and competitive price

Training Programs

We provide an extensive offering of training programs available to Journeymen to update and enhance their skill sets. All training of journeymen and apprentice members of Local 63 is provided free of charge. Sheet metal apprenticeship training provides a chance to earn money while learning, as well as job security, greater earning potential, opportunities for advancement, and greater job satisfaction.

Proud of Our Work

Some of our work consists of architectural sheet metal, specialty and kitchen equipment, HVAC, roofing, and welding. We train and maintain our heritage of being the fabricators as well as installers of our craft-work.

In conjunction with the globalization of labor markets and the newly emerging age of professional installers of foreign-manufactured or mass-produced disposable products, the Sheet Metal Workers of Local 63 have and will continue to take the necessary raw materials and apply the craftsmanship, techniques, and skill necessary to fulfill the demands and requirements of an engineer's or architect's plans and specifications. We still make what we install from scratch, with locally responsible, civic-minded, and tax-paying citizens as our members, and we're very proud of it! 

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